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The Center for Comprehensive Community Medicine, the first of its kind and scalt with a full staff of 12 members, will be engaged in researchon how best to educate and train future doctors whose entrusted duty is the betterment of the region's overall medical service, social welfare and health status and awareness. Mindful of the needs of modern human society in the 21st century, the Center aims at expanding on the conventional medicine and medical care with the following sections: one that concerns tself with establishment of a centrally controlled medical care providing system based on patients' digitized medical charts that are fed into a region-wide medical information flow system; one that is for a support system that helps the aged and the handicapped free themselves from dependence: and one that focuses on research into treatment and prevention of life-style diseases often encountered among the region'sfast-aging population.
Not only will the Center make every effort to fulfill the said research and educational functions, but alsoit will actively share whatever insight gained in the process with colleagues in neighboring Asian countries as well as in Japan.

Section of Medical information and Telemedicine

Section of Physical and Behavioral Support System

Section of Medical Research

Section of Medical Education