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Adult&Gerontological Nursing

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Division/Departments introduction

The Department of Adult & Gerontological Nursing is composed of three divisions, Acute and Critical Care Nursing, Chronic and Long-Term Care Nursing, and Gerontological Nursing. The Department of Adult & Gerontological Nursing aims at high-grade nursing education and research that is of benefit to nursing professionals’ better understanding and making support of the subjects from the viewpoint of recovery process of the diseases and human life cycle, in connection with the need of specialized nursing due to the medical advance.

Our main academic courses are as follows; “Developmental Nursing”, “Practice of Developmental Nursing(Adult & Gerontological)”, “General Principles of the Diseases”, “Physical Assessment”, “Methodology of Nursing Diagnosis”, “Adult Nursing at Acute and Recovery Phases”, “Adult Nursing at Chronic and End-of-Life Phases”, and “Supportive Gerontological Nursing”.

Each division provides nursing methodology and technology mainly for the adult and aged patients, concerning nursing care for those under treatment, critical care, rehabilitation care, self-care and end-of-life care.



Perioperative and Critical Care Nursing

Kazuko SATO

Chronic and Long-Term Care Nursing

Akihide OHTA

Gerontological Nursing