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Chronic and Long-Term Care Nursing

Chronic and Long-Term Care Nursing

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Division/Departments introduction

The Division of Chronic and Long-Term Care Nursing focuses on the lives of the patients having chronic and long-term health disorders and their families, searches for the nursing theory to support them, and aims at optimal nursing-practice based on the theory. In addition, by making also a basic research on the pathomechanism, therapeutic modalities, and medical management of the chronic diseases, we want to make a scientific nursing practice based on patientユs pathophysiology. That is, our aim is to perform nursing practice based on accumulated scientific evidences by examining various phenomena occurring in everyday lives of those patients and families quantitatively and qualitatively. Furthermore, we undertake the researches concerning the nursing care to reduce pain and difficulties of the patients at a terminal stage and their families.
The researches on the pathomechanism, QOL, and health management of the rheumatic diseases and other intractable diseases, on QOL of the patients after having total hip arthroplasty, and on the education for patients with diabetes mellitus, are in progress.



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