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Matermal Nursing

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Division/Departments introduction

Maternal nursing focuses on the care of women from adolescence through old age and birth and family. Maternal nursing practice addresses the health-care needs of women and infants in a holistic approach designed to meet the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of individuals and families. Midwifery is a practical science that
includes theory and skills to provide health care related to a sexual and generative perspective.
Our filed pursues high quality care that contributes to health for women in lifecycle,mother and infants, their families, and investigates professional knowledge and skills corresponding to the various needs of clients and the progress of medicine and social changes.


Professor Hisako Saito 0952-34-2550
Assistant Professor Sayuri Ishiyama 0952-34-2554
Assistant Professor Katsuko Shinozaki 0952-34-2552
Research Associate Kayoko hattori 0952-34-2555