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Community Health Nursing

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Community Health Nursing:
In the field of community nursing, we are bringing up the basic ability of nursing in the community, for individual, family and specific groups, on the purpose of development of health and quality of life. The basic ability of nursing means to make approach the objective person continuously and inclusively, bring up the ability of fostering the subjectivity of inhabitants to solve them problems about health, and purpose the foster of attitude to aim the development of level of community health in collaborating community inhabitants and participants with coordinating health, medicine and welfare. And more we are interested in especially the support of community life of elder and psychiatry.

Home Care Nursing
The aim of Home care Nursing theory are as follows; A synthetic grasp of the people, that is, the understanding the people who are under medical treatment and their family. To learn the role, the function and the skill in the Nursing at home.
At Home Care; We strive to let the medical treatment persons and their family control the health by themselves at their living space and we try to improve their ability for the self-care. We need to elevate our practical ability for the comprehensive and special nursing service in order to realize the higher leveled healthy life.




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