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Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

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Mental health is very important for individual, family, community, working place and more international society. Recently, the field of mental health changed its measure to supporting community with the advance of medicine and the change of social situations from facility centered medical treatments. Psychiatric and mental health nursing treats a mental health in community life and/or nursing for the psychiatric persons. When People are mentally deranged, they don't want only medical treatments and the other aren't cured by only medicine. People require understanding, considerations, warmly parsons and many important factors. We investigate pertinent nursing through many social factors, and study not only treatments and preventions also quality of life, and make the best use of social resources and related law. In the field of psychiatric and mental health nursing, our investigation is practically and positively, focused on influences of life from mentality, and based on psychiatry and clinical psychology, in the connection between body and mind. And we purpose to promote nurses who perceive interactions of interpersonal relations, and bring up themselves.




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